Visit of the Senator Valeria Cardinali

The Senator Valeria Cardinali writes on us:
“Last week in Magione I took the commitment to go to visit some company of the territory and so, yesterday afternoon I started…I know a beautiful entrepreneurial reality, the label factory UMBRALABEL of Marcello Berioli. Labels are a very important element for the promotion and for the success of a product, just think about a bottle of wine or of oil to understand the value, so many that by now in many cases they are small artworks. After visiting the establishment, we stayed for a while to chat a little with Marcello and he told me his story, started more than 20 years ago, the hard moments, the rises up, the new work-in-progress investments, thin to arrive to today with more than 20 workers and other to hire in the short term, a lot of young people and a work made by attention, care and precision. Enthusiasm, determination and passion have never missed, but mostly thanks to his worlds we can understand the deep knowledge of every detail of his work, of the machines and of the processes and the will of getting better, being always more competitive, investing in quality of products, but also on the work environment because, as he says “there is nothing worse than have a work you dislike”…so, a good example of that umbrian entrepreneurial fabric made by small realities and medium real excellences in their field where the ambition doesn’t miss, but always with the feet on the ground, as only who “made himself” can do. Greetings to Marcello and to all his collaborators and thanks for the hospitality and the time you gave me. Have a good work.”