Our Story

“Look Style Label” this is the “mantra” of Umbra Label, company specialized in projectation and print of labels of quality.

At Umbra Label we do labels, but also we promote a work model based on concepts of transparency, as testify also the physiognomy of modern offices conducted to architectural level by symbolic predominance of glass, of quality, on which there is no compromise of humanity and competence.

1996: Marcello Berioli and Roberto Orsini

We are in the reign of label, worthily enhanced as “dress” of the product, pointer of his identity and quality. This is Marcello Berioli‘s line of thought who, together with Roberto Orsini, has decided to dedicate his whole life around the idea of “making labels for passion”. A passion that takes shape officially about twenty years ago when, after that both having been collecting related work experiences to this sector, they decided to follow their desired of entrepreneurial independence starting an ambitious project.

Umbria strategic location

“We started with a good intuition” – tell togeter Marcello Berioli and Roberto Orsini- “print labels for wine. We understood that Umbria could be a strategic location, however at the beginning our route has been full of troubles, we didn’t have our clients, we based on limited technologies, mostly scraps held together by a wire, attitude and passion. All at one we started to print different products: flyers, folder almost nothing of labels. Yet, our determination was untouched and rewarded us, allowing us not just to conquer this sectors, but also to develop on it a really high professionalism”.

150 million of labels per year

The breakthrough has the appearance of a crucial meeting, the one with Orvieto’s Cantina Sociale, that order to the company the production of a considerable quantity of labels. Is ground zero for the growth, but mostly for the visibility, thanks to this work Umbra Label is noticed and identified in this market with clarity and conquer credibility, reinforced with his constant presence at all the Vinitaly, showcase of excellence for all the communication that wheel around the wine. Today Umbra Label produces about 150 million of labels per year, the core business is represented by the 70-80% in the wine sector, followed by oil and food jar and finally by a little part of other genres.

Roll Label

Pet subject of Umbra Label‘s production is the roll label, a procedure of big technological input that has sensibly got better and deeply changed the labelling system of products. Company prides herself of an excellent machine’s park that allow to rech on roll the same quality performance of off-set print on paper.

The skill of integrate inside oh his own reality innovative tools and procedures following times is, after all, a natural attitude of the company. Not just from the beginning of roll label, Umbra Label has known how to glimpse in this market a future of expansion and quality, but has always addressed the investment to the progress of productive technologies: just think about the fact that the off-set roll print, today production’s flagship, works full-time since 2001 and that the digital print sector, other crown jewel, is enriched by detail’s lines properly dedicated.

Counselling and Planning

Besides the actual print service, the activity of the company declines in other professional performances to give support to the development, figment of relevant know how acquired. After 30 years of experience on the field, the critic faculty developed by the team allows, in fact, to calibrate on the client’s needs an efficient service of pre-sell counselling. Moreover, the company has very technical and of graphic design intern office, an other possibility for the client and, somehow, also the guarantee of a graphic approach that moves from technical knowledge to practice.

Label as a lever for the success

Awareness and seriousness are the pillars of company’s view. “Label is an essential instrument for the product communication” – declares the “labelmaker” Berioli- “is a form called to codify the substance. It’s also the first form costumer meets and often uses as compass for his choices. A “wrong” label can damage also a good-quality product. Face to this certainty, we feel like managing a brand label, we are also managing a part of his success. This is a big responsibility that we welcome with seriousness and enthusiasm”.

Far from being just a sticker image, here label is thought as a value system. About this, a proof is the new project that want to pass an entire line of product from water-and-glue to self-adhesive for a quantity of 30 million products. “An hard project that we are improving from a long time and with an extreme attention, as” – emphasises Berioli- “we know that changing just the label we are going to change also the sell-flows”.

Even though the support of most modern technologies and sophisticated tools, the contact with the client and the management of the order are made by direct relations, made by and authentic and constructive dialogue. Other live factor is the awareness , an aim not unidirectional but mutual.

CIPA event

Work to spread a major awareness and a profession’s culture is the aim of more AMPIO breath to which Marcello Berioli dedicates himself, for years now with CIPA organisation, workshop of connection and strategic debate for the insiders in the world of packaging and CIPA-Lab, specific vertical meetings about themes of related interest.

Partner of OREV

Umbra Label is partner of OREV project, first reality of a system of self-counterfeiting, unique in Italy that, through the insertion of a microchip in the product label want to protect the made in Italy. OREV is, for Umbra Label, the possibility to restore a competence that already has: It was, in fact, the company of Berioli and Orsini to work at the label with the microchip made by a famous company in the wine sector. Today, this project improves himself through the use of a unequivocal code, that certificates the absolute authenticity of the project and through the localization with the NFC system tracks every single step of his destination.

Business Italian web

Today Umbra Label strive to future with unchanged enthusiasm, desire of constant improvement and approach to most innovative research for his own sector. During the years this attitude priced the company, changing and expanding his aims and his field of action. In this direction, it is placed also the synergy built by Umbra Label with some external realities with the aim of build a team with an high specialization, extremely competitive on the market of lithographic print and digital in general. Other knot of this company’s web is We Label, the label facorty of Catania, strategic partner of Umbra Label for Sicily.