Roll Labels

Roll labels represent, from a long time, the most common way to print labels in almost all sectors, taking the records off to old water-and-glue labels that, little by little, have been replaced by all producers.

Thanks to the new technologies, to the many used materials, to the application simplicity and to always more accessible prices, today they are used in every product market. It’s possible to get unthinkable results up to a little while ago and for this they changed the way to make packaging in last 15 years.

Ours print technologies allow us to get labels of excellent quality and to enrich them with any kind of furniture, incorporating and overlapping between them. Offset, typography, serigraph, flexography, hot foil, embossing, braille, 3D embossed foil, Ink-Jet print, HP Indigo digital print, all techniques tha we can combine between them to gain any results both on low and medium-high prints.