The professional skills of people, technologies and materials are the necessary ingredients to gain quality labels. We have always tried to be at the cutting-edge and to produce quality labels with the most possible constancy during the time. Today, through technologies, we can guarantee an always better standard and we have expanded more and more our print techniques reaching unexplored sector, until now.



On the offset technology has been built Umbra Label.

It represents for sure the best print technique known today and thanks to modern and sophisticate print lines it is possible to produce excellent quality labels on every valuable papers on the market.

If implemented with the hot foil or with serigraph varnishing allow to gain big results.



Digital print today represents an important slice of the market and with a fast rise in the world of labels. The fragmentation of the orders and the consequent reduction of the medium ordered quantities  impose a new behaviour that, thanks to digital is possible. Also in this sector, we decided to rely on the best, the HP Indigo technology that guarantees the maximum quality also on medium-low temperatures, enable to extremely fast deliveries, enriched with hot or serigraph trims that have nothing to envy to conventional-printed label.



Serigraphy is a print technique quite old and manual.

For a long time, new machines have automatized this process.

Serigraphy has affirmed on the labels market not just for a normal production but also as enrichment of the conventional print to have more brilliant colours, extremely lucid or extremely dull or like the braille, used for catchy graphic solution.



Typographic print is an old, simple and fast technique.

It is printed with clichè that are inked and go directly to transfer the ink on the paper.

It’s suitable for all the smooth surfaces, both plastic or paper-based while is quite limited on the marked and natural papers in general.



It is a resin that is lodged on the labels with a serigraph method, on where is squashed with a warmed iron, a metallic foil that remain fixed only where the resin has been lodged, effect is guaranteed, maximum lightness, extremely lucidity, slow method and quite expansive, to use with intelligence.



It’s a print obtained by pressure, squeezing an apposite foil on the paper with a metal clichè (zinc, magnesium, brass) properly craved. Avoid to use it on large surfaces and on too thin sections. If combined with an embossing, it becomes readable and extremely suitable for wine label.



Old but gold. Enhance the detail, both printed an not. It gives the best if combined with  an hot foil making it shining and extremely touchable.



Always faster machines, always more demanding markets and sectors, impose the passage to the control’s table of almost all produced labels. Through high-precision scanners, is possible to detect every type of flaws , comparing chrome and also mak all th base’s controls like missing or broken labels and all other minor defects.